Zimba Farms

Deford, MI


Ed Zimba started his journey into organic farming in the 1990s, after taking over his father’s operation near Deford, Michigan. Ed’s passion for organic farming drives Zimba Farm’s commitment to producing high quality beef from well-cared for animals. The farm has grown to 3300 head of cattle and approximately 3800 acres that span between dairy cattle and beef steers. Today, the family-owned corporation includes two farms where Ed oversees management of the cattle and organic crop production, while his wife Melanie handles accounting, organic certification and human resources management for their employees.

Zimba Beef is certified National Organic Program (NOP) organic, non-GMO and American Grassfed Association (AGA). The herd at Zimba Farms is fully compliant with the AGA Grassfed standard. The largest feed components by weight are hay, pasture and silage. Silage, or fermented grass stock, provides a variety of nutritional benefits for the animals. Each component contributes differently to the needs of the herd. Rations are formulated by a dairy nutritionist who balances the animal’s diet based on life stage. Each animal, regardless of life stage, is fed appropriately to maintain and improve the herd. Of the acres managed by the farm, 1,403 acres were in pasture or hay for the 2020 season. As of 2021, 57% or 1,536 acres are in a no tillage system. Zimba promotes diversity in their crop production by maintaining an extended crop rotation including corn, sorghum, triticale and hay. All pastures are mixed grasses and legumes and continue to expand the diversity of their crops planted.