Simply Fresh Market

Brighton, MI





Real Food

At our core, we’re a bunch of people who believe what you eat matters. 

We believe that food impacts our health, our economy, our families, and our world - everyday. Food is not just a tool to satisfy hunger, but it’s immediately impactful to individual and community nutrition, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, political structures, and complete holistic wellbeing. That’s why it is vitally important to know your food. 

How many people actually ask, or even care, where their food comes from? How far has this food traveled and through how many hands? What sacrifices have been made so that I can have this product so conveniently available to me? How can I make food better for everyone?

I know, it sounds deep, but these are the things we care about and constantly think about here at Simply Fresh Market. And when I say we - I mean our employees and our customers. As we eagerly gain each committed customer, we gain a member of our family, developing a united team that is fighting together for Real Food. 

We can so easily take for granted all the conveniences of food in today’s world. These wonderful gifts may not always be here. It takes hard work and effort to keep our food freedom alive. This means supporting the small farmers who don’t conform to ‘big food’ and analyzing the trail behind a food ingredients label. We often say, “It’s better if we just make it ourselves anyway!”, and so we do in many cases. 

But we need our family to stick together and continue fighting for Real Food. What is Real Food, you ask? Food that is grown and made the way it was intended, the right way: without being sprayed with chemicals and pesticides; without being injected with untested and repercussive ‘medicines’; without being modified at the genetic level; without being processed to the point of losing nutrient validity; and without being made in an environment that doesn’t adhere to fundamental good morals and ethics. Educating your families and community as to why it’s so important to choose Real Food is one of the first, and most critical steps toward change. 

Our management, the founders of Simply Fresh Market, are a hard-working family of people passionate about Real Food. With education in business, nutrition, exercise science, and culinary, our combined skills and knowledge help to propel the mission of Simply Fresh Market far and wide. We’re constantly coming up with creative ways to reach the public with Real Food. Real Food is simply the way food should be. And we can’t deny, it tastes better too. Are you with us?