How Michigan Farm to Family Works


Where do you deliver to? 

At the moment, we ONLY deliver to Michigan addresses (see our delivery zone list: Click Here). We deliver via refrigerated vehicles. We do not SHIP. We do hope to expand our range in the near future.

Is there an order minimum? 

Order Minimums depend on location.

Zone 1 = $50 minimum

Zone 2-8 = $100 minimum

In-Store Pickup (at Simply Fresh Market Brighton, MI) = $0 minimum

How do I know what delivery zone I'm in?

Make sure you're logged in or create an account. You will select from the available delivery zone based on your zip code. We send our driving team our 3 times per week to delivery your order directly to your door. Any delivery preferences can be noted in the box during checkout. You can also opt for In-Store Pickup at Simply Fresh Market in Brighton, MI and save 5% on all of your purchases. Click Here to see a complete list of Delivery Zones and their zip codes.

Are there any other fees? 

We do charge a delivery fee based on location.

Zone 1 = $8 delivery

Zone 2-5 = $12

Zone 6-8 = $15

This fee makes it sustainable for us to delivery to you and help to support the cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance and driver wages. We are working on adding package shipping options in the near future, pricing TBD. Note, there are $0 in fees when you select In-Store Pickup at Simply Fresh Market and you save 5% on all your purchases.

What is a "Friend of the Farm" Membership? 



Can I edit my order? 

Contact us to make changes to your existing order that you've already been sent in. If you would like to add items to your order, simply create an additional order for that same delivery date and we will combine your orders.

How will my order be billed? 

As part of your account set-up, a valid credit card is required for default billing. Cards will be charged one day prior to your delivery date after items have been weighed, packed and confirmed.

What if you're out of stock of an item? 

We pack your order the day before expected pickup/delivery. If we find an item is out of stock, the item will be removed from your bill and you will not be charged for it. In most cases, we have an available substitution and you will be contacted to see if you are ok with substituting the item. Please respond as quick as possible. If we do not hear back from you, we will default to removing the item from your order and you will not receive a substitution. If your order falls below the minimum requirement for delivery, we may have to cancel your order completely. Feel free to leave a note during checkout if you do not prefer any substitutions.

What is the return/refund policy? 

In the event you are unsatisfied with a product you received, pending management discretion, we can offer a refund or credit to your account only if you request within 7 days of receiving this product. Product exchanges can be executed based on management discretion. For all related concerns email here.

What is the order cancellation policy? 

Since we are supporting small farms and food artisans in our community, we require at least 48hr notice in order to avoid spoilage, loss to our suppliers, and logistical chain disruption.

How do subscriptions work?

Subscriptions work best for customers who know they want specific items on a regular, reoccurring basis. Your subscription order must meet your delivery minimum(even though it does not give an error).

The way you submit a subscription order is: when you click ‘checkout’ it takes you to a page where you choose between ’subscription’ (it has you select a FREE item) OR ‘one-time purchase’. Once you click next, you will be at the normal checkout screen where you confirm and place your order. 

You can submit a subscription order under the minimum (it doesn’t give you an error like the normal one-time purchase orders do). However, the only problem is if you do not add enough to this order to meet your minimum before your deadline then the subscription order may be cancelled.

You can view your current subscription order (under Account, My Account, Subscribe & Save) and you can add items to it there by clicking ‘add items to subscription’ (at the bottom). This is be the best way to add items to the reoccurring order or change the date of delivery (frequency).

*3/7/23: At the moment, subscription orders and one-time purchase orders cannot be submitted from the same account. Either cancel the existing subscription account to go back to one-time orders, or create a second account to handle one-time orders only.


Are the products seasonal or available year-round? 

The majority of our products are available year-round with the exception of certain seasonal produce items and holiday special items. 

How is meat packaged? 

Meat is individually frozen and vacuum-sealed in cryovac packaging.

How much freezer space will I need? 

As a general rule, one cubic foot of freezer space will hold up to 25 pounds of meat.

How long will products last in the freezer? 

Most cuts will remain fresh up to one year from the process date. Once any product has been thawed, it should be cooked within two to three days.

How is my order packaged? 

Your items will be packed in boxes or bags for your convenience. Depending on the season and item sensitivity, we may use ice packs to maintain proper temperatures. We will ensure all of your food products are kept the the safe, proper temperatures.

What if my order can't be delivered? 

If the event arises that you cannot be home to accept a delivery whereas completing delivery requires us to access a specific location with your presence (ie. entry code or key, gated community or driveway, apartment complex, etc), we will NOT leave the product in a public or unsafe location and will choose to return the product to our base location. If you request re-delivery, there will be an additional delivery fee. If you request the product not be re-delivered, a restocking fee of 15% will be applied and billed.