Sunrise Amish Farms

Homer, MI

The farm-fresh eggs are produced by our friends in the Amish Community south of Jackson, in Homer. One of the things we enjoy most about this job is going to visit these farmers. No cell phones or cell towers, no television, and almost no machinery. We always feel more grounded after having visited with them for a couple hours!

John Schwartz and his family of several sons raise hens and provide the cleaning, sorting, and packing of the eggs. Several other Amish farmers in the area bring their eggs to the Schwartz farm each week by horse and buggy. The hens are a hardy breed of Isa Browns, raised humanely, never de-beaked, and never fed antibiotics or added hormones. They are pastured birds when weather allows and are fed a diet of GMO-Free, all vegetable feed with natural supplements and minerals added.