Vitamin D3 | Truvani

Vitamin D3 | Truvani

90 tablets (30 day supply)

It’s no secret Vitamin D3 is vital for our overall health. But we don’t have many ways to get it in our diet. Sure, we can activate vitamin D in our bodies from daily sun exposure. But, let’s face facts. We don’t always have the perfect weather to catch some rays. Or time to get outside during the day. And too much sun exposure can do more harm than good.So, many people opt for a vitamin D3 supplement. You’re probably one of those people. Or you might be considering adding one to your daily routine. After all, it’s a great way to support the body. Here are a few ways Viatmin D can benefit your physical and mental health:

Health benefits of Vitamin D3

  • Improves Immune Function
  • Boosts Bone Strength
  • Enhances Mental Health
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • May Help Fight Cancer Cells 

But, not all vitamin D3 is created equal. Let me explain…Many D3 products are made from highly processed crude fat extracted from wool. That’s a BIG NO for Truvani. Here’s what makes us different.Truvani’s Organic Vitamin D3 is plant-based. While other supplements source D3 from chemically extracted wool fat. We source our D3 from lichens. An adorable little plant that loves soaking up the sun. And because our D3 is powder-based, there’s no gelatin capsule involved.You’ll love that our vitamin D3 is a convenient little uncoated tablet. It’s small and easy to swallow. And it’s quick to crush or dissolve—which means you can add it to just about anything.But, don’t worry. Unlike other supplements that taste terrible (and sometimes go rancid). Our vitamin D3 has no distinct taste. Making it the perfect addition to your smoothie, morning tea… or anything you’d like.You’ll probably notice something else. It has no artificial ingredients, no corn byproducts—and definitely no processed wool fat like other commercial Vitamin D products available.