Still Mineral Water | Vellamo

Still Mineral Water | Vellamo


It is difficult to imagine a more natural product than Vellamo Natural Mineral Water. It is living water whose molecules have not been in contact with anything above ground for thousands of years. The secret behind its smooth yet rich taste is its natural and exceptionally high pH value of 8.3. And it is created by Mother Nature: no minerals or sweeteners have been added.

Water Analysis:

Balance  Still
Virginality  Superior
Minerality  Medium
Orientation  Alkaline
Hardness  Hard
Vintage  10.000

Carbonation  TDS 519 mg/l
Hardness  180 mg/l
Nitrate  <1 mg/
Sodium  85 mg/l
pH Factor  8.3

Mineral Composition

Silica  14 mg/l
Bicarbonate  210 mg/l
Sulfate  27 mg/l
Chloride  110 mg/l

Natural Electrolytes

Calcium  51 mg/l
Magnesium  13 mg/l
Potassium  4 mg/l