Dark Roast | Simply Fresh Blend

Dark Roast | Simply Fresh Blend

1lb Whole Bean

This is an exclusive roast to Simply Fresh Market, working together in our community with a local small batch roaster.

Why is Organic and Fair Trade so important?

Organic coffee is free of pesticides and fertilizers that cause damage to our health and the planet. It is richer in antioxidants that boost our overall health. Your commitment to buying organic and fair trade products contributes directly to a healthier ecosystem - cleaner air, land, and water - and a more sustainable future.

Fair trade provides a transparent view into the respectful and sustainable way our coffee beans are sourced and harvested. Simply Fresh believes fair trade is important because it means people and the planet have been treated well during the making of our coffee. When a product says fair trade you know that is has been produced by people making a fair wage in good working conditions. 

Start your morning off right by drinking coffee that tastes good and does good.

Roasted by: Royale Roasters | Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

Ingredients: Single Origin 100% Arabica Coffee