Miller Poultry

Orland, IN

Miller Poultry has been a product that we have relied on for a long time. Even with their high volume production, they don't cut corners when it comes to food safety, animal welfare, and true-to-nature quality and flavor. While the state of the art Miller processing facility is in Orland, Indiana the Amish Farms where the chickens are raised straddle both sides of the Indiana and Michigan border.

Miller, is a family-owned business dedicated to producing naturally grown poultry in an ethical, wholesome manner. Their aim is to provide a perfect product, in perfect packaging, in perfect condition. All Certified-Organic Miller Chickens are raised in open-floored chicken houses, the birds are unconfined and have a great deal of space with natural light and ventilation, including outdoor access. Their diet is supplemented with certified organic GMO-free grains including corn and soy. Galen Miller and his family, provide all of the feed to the Amish families that raise the chickens ensuring that it is of the highest quality and meets certified organic standards. The chickens are also air-chilled, which is a better alternative to water baths that often include chemicals like chlorine. The result is a healthy, delicious alternative to factory farmed chicken that your family will absolutely love. 

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