Maple Bee Syrup

Hanover, MI

Established in 2019, Maple Bee Syrup is produced by Maria and her son. Located on their Homestead and around the community of Hanover, MI their syrup is made 100% off the grid in a sugar shack. Their syrup is wood fired and delicious. Their Homestead is 14 acres, and they place around 1,000 taps there, and around the community every year. They are a small operation that produces around 250 gallons of fresh maple syrup each year. Maria and her son don’t do this for a living. They do it for the pure enjoyment of creating a delicious, sweet maple syrup that is from nature. They believe in sustainability and living off the wonderful things that nature provides. In partnership with John of Sunrise Farms, Maria and her son are Maple Bee Syrup.