Jake's Country Meats

Cassopolis, MI

In 1976, Nate and Lou Ann gathered money for their down payment to nurture a new homestead for their future. Eventually raising four children and countless pigs, cattle, sheep, crops, and gardens on this land.  The little meat business was still there to occupy their time, and so it did. Every weekend was spent at a farmers market, on the search to find more people to appreciate the quality of meat they continued to produce. They now understood more than ever the importance of diversification. 

Outside of the farmers markets, they started visiting local stores, restaurants, cafes, really anyone on the street who would listen to their story. They spent all of their time finding new people to taste the difference. At one point, Jake's participated in 14 different farmers markets every week. Through these connections, they developed a clean, and consistent product line with their butcher. Each year, they sold more and more of the herd through the little meat business at a price that would support the farm and create a firm foundation. 

Now, Jake's services over 5000 families and 100 stores and restaurants in Michigan, northern Indiana, and Chicago by selling 100% of the animals raised on the farm. The farm is now owned by one of the families in the seventh generation, Nick and Renee (Robinson) Seelye. The business also helps support other local producers with quality and transparency at the forefront of their farming practices. Each day is fueled by developing relationships to better serve each other, to focus on what is important to our bodies and the land; creating quality you trust by farmers you know.