Idyll Farms

Northport, MI

Idyll Goat Farm and Creamery is located on some 200 acres of rich pasture on northern Michigan’s fabled Leelanau Peninsula. This certified humane farm raises Alpine goats on a mixture of lush grasses, trees, leaves, brush and wildflowers. With ancestry in the French Alps, the Alpine breed, known for its nutritious and sweet milk, has adapted well to the northern Michigan terrain and climate. Idyll farmers take pride in harnessing nature’s complex processes in caring for the soil, including organic compost, probiotic whey, and managed intensive rotational grazing, which is good not only for the goats and the flavor of the cheese, but also for the earth itself.

Idyll Farms goats live a natural life and roam freely on pasture, this award-winning cheese has a delicious, distinctive flavor referred to by cheese aficionados as “Leelanau terroir” or “taste of the place.” Expertly trained cheese makers use old world techniques and the freshest milk to create truly outstanding cheese. Fluffy & white, with a citrusy smooth creamy tang, that melts in your mouth, it is no surprise that these cheeses are in high demand.