Full Circle Organic Farm

Howell, MI

Full Circle Organic Farm (FCOF) produces USDA organic certified, grass-fed, ethically-raised lambs of superior genetic and culinary quality. A 5th generation farmer, trained chef and certified chef-educator has combined her years of wisdom to create a world-class product that the public, chefs and artisan markets can enjoy as a culinary work of art while knowing its USDA and OCIA International certified organic meat.

Their devotion to the world-class quality of their stock is ongoing and rigorous. Every single animal is studied and tracked for its genetic characteristics - from its skill in mothering to the delectable flavor and tenderness of the meat. Each animal has the ability to thrive on grass, forage, and herbs only, no grains ever are fed to the prized animals.

They have achieved their goal of a truly superb product by obliging values. The lamb's life and environment is their main focus, giving them the best quality food, water, and minerals. By assigning the latest and best handling techniques, current farming technology, an extensively trained, safe staff, and a commitment to the cornerstones of animal husbandry, they have a truly amazing end product: a lamb meat that is exquisite in texture with an unbelievably delicate flavor.