Food For Thought

Traverse City, MI


Why do we do what we do? Because we care about producing premium quality products with clean ingredients. We’re known for our unique recipes featuring sophisticated flavor combinations, handcrafted in small batches - and are dedicated to making sure that our customers can taste the difference in every jar.

The Food For Thought® Story…

The Food For Thought brand originated over 25 years ago by founder, Timothy Young, who began making premium quality preserves in his own home kitchen near the Lake Michigan shore, to sell at local farm markets. The brand, the product line and the company grew – and years later Timothy’s brother, Greg Young, joined the organization along with “local food” advocate and partner, Chip Hoagland. Together, they opened a new, state of the art production kitchen in a creatively re-purposed (previously abandoned) elementary school in Traverse City, MI. Today, Food For Thought is part of the Tamarack Holdings family of niche food brands, and we produce more than 100 different artisanal products (for our own brand and for others), including preserves, salsas, sauces, and condiments. 

We live and work in beautiful northern Michigan and enjoy bringing just a little bit of Traverse City to your table! Open a jar, close your eyes, take a taste. Can you hear the waves from the Lake lapping the sandy beach? Smell the piney forest? Picture the ripe, red cherries hanging on the trees? We thought so…

Earth FriendlyEarth Friendly 

We love our planet and try to do our part to protect her in any way we can. Food For Thought is dedicated to recycling and composting - and we operate our production kitchen in a “green,” energy efficient building.