Farm Country Cheese

Lakeview, MI

Farm Country Cheese House began production in July 1984. From the beginning, the Amish Communities in and around Lakeview, Michigan have supplied all of the milk and most of the labor to process the wide variety of cheeses that Farm Country Cheese House offers. The Amish farmers in the community each raise an average of 20 cows. The cows are naturally raised, grass fed only, GMO-Free and antibiotic free. They are fed absolutely no added hormones. Unlike factory farm dairies, all cows are milked by hand.  

For over 25 years, Farm Country Cheese House has worked hand-in-hand with local Amish communities to create fresh, antibiotic-free, artisanal cheeses. The milk used in all their cheese are processed from cows on local dairy farms, and follow Amish traditions. These farms raise herds of 4-20 cows, where each cow is hand milked twice a day with use of minimal electricity, the business runs on the same practices.