Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory

Ann Arbor, MI

We are pleased to offer fresh stone ground corn products made in Ann Arbor. All of their products are preservative-free, and our corn and oil are GMO-free. No trans-fats, colorings, softeners, bleachers or additives are used. Also, all of their products are gluten-free and wheat-free!

The traditional nixtamal method is used in the production of tortillas. The GMO-Free corn is cooked using lime to get rid of the nejayote (pericarp) and it is then steeped for 10 to 12 hours. Next, the corn is rinsed and ready to be ground. Lava stones are used for the grinding process and the masa (dough) produced is very fine. The last step is to bake the tortillas or chips.

The whole process is time consuming and labor intensive but the end product is worth the effort! We hope that you will find all their products tasty and nutritious.